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The Goblin Market Goodies




We’ve had to cancel The Goblin Market 2020 for the final time due to COVID safety protocols. However.. we aren’t giving up yet. We will have it in 2021 once we know it’s safe to do so. But meanwhile, we will overhaul the show with a new theme, new ideas, and quite possibly a new venue.

So that means all the goodies that the goblins have stored at our respective houses need to go.

If you have a prepaid ticket from the 2020 event and do not wish to refund, we would like to send you this goblin goodie package complimentary to you.

If you do not have a prepaid ticket from the 2020 event, but still want this Goblin Market goodie package, then this is the page for you. For $10 you can purchase a wonderful assortment of trinkets, doodads, thingamabobs, and whatnots. All with wholesome goblin magic and a little fairy tales weaved in.

The profits of this purchase will be divided among our 2020 TGM vendors. Vendors like them rely off of events like this for their livelihood, and many events have canceled and will continue to do so until it’s safe for all of us to be together again.

Purchase opening starts January 14, 2021.
Packages will start to ship February 1, 2021.
Purchase closing will be March 1, 2021 and at that time.. we will send our vendors the profits from these sales.

Please make sure upon checkout that your shipping address is correct.

Thank you. Truly.