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A Night of victorian spiritualism

October 20, 2018: Catherine and Charlotte Wakefield invite you into their home for a night of divination, mysticism, and tarts

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Twelfth Night

January 5, 2019: We’re going to weave ghost tales, give you slices of Twelfth Night cake with glasses of wassail, and let the sounds of Valentine Wolfe close out the Christmas season.

Go to The Goblin Market

The Goblin Market

April 13, 2019: The goblins may have the goods you want, but you have something they desire… The Seven Deadly Sins await you.

About Us

These two ladies are up to no good

Suzanne and Erin have been running Atlanta Cosplay Yard Sale since 2017, and decided their love of the macabre, history, their own flair for the dramatic, and event management would make a wonderful experience for Atlanta.

Suzanne has a background in office management and owns a construction company alongside her husband. She is co-chair for Monsterama, a classic horror convention in Atlanta, and regularly attends other local cons and festivals. She has 2 children who are often seen trailing behind her yelling, "Mom you’re walking too fast!"

Erin works for a large non-profit in office management. She's Volunteer Director for Monsterama and Spy Con. She's also volunteers at and attends many of the other local conventions. She loves going to the movies, sewing up a storm, and is always available for bar mitzvahs.

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