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The Divinations for Victorian Spiritualism

Divinations are easy to perform and usually more accessible in every day life for the Victorian. Palmistry, tarot cards, and crystal gazing was reserved for drawing room entertainment. The Victorian woman may need an answer right away to a perplexing question or a solution to a problem.

Tonight… you are the Victorian. You have questions and the spirits will provide the answers.

The divinations being performed on October 20 at our Night of Victorian Spiritualism are as follows:

Tarotology, the art of reading tarot cards. Our character for the evening, Charlotte, will be on hand to read cards.

Astragalomancy, the art of reading dice. Bones or pebbles could also be used. Three dice are cast in a circle and then the numbers and placement of the dice are read. No need to wonder what the answer is… our other character for the evening, Catherine, will interpret the cast.

Floriography, the art of reading flowers. There are several layers to this. The one seeking answer to his/her question could choose a flower and the diviner could read the stem, the leaves, the petals, and the species chosen, and read the language of the flower to the seeker. However, in our situation… we will provide a vast array of flowers, and the requestor will choose the flowers that speak to them most and from there the answer to their question will be formed by species chosen.

Bibliomancy, the art of interpreting a randomly chosen passage in a book. The asker will choose a book, use a Victorian oculus bookmark, and find the answer to their question.

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